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NSW Agent - Get Out Camping - Menai

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Camper Trailer Sales and Hire


Australian Manufactured
Camper Trailer Guild Inc

  BBQ Trailers & BBQ/Cold Room Trailers

We now custom build and supply

specialised BBQ and Cold Room Trailers.

Great for clubs, community groups, companies,
 schools and emergency service groups.

Strong, compliant, easy set up, compact,
 great options, sheltered cooking, easy set up,
loads of storage,
 and ready to use anywhere! 


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We will get back to any enquiries or requests within 24 hours  


Hi and welcome to our website,

Welcome all to the end of the year and the festive season!.  Great time of year to make time to catch up with your favourite people.  Great time to make plans to do the things you haven't done, but planned too, and put them on the calendar for the next 12 months.  Whatever you do, enjoy, make the most of it and get some plans in place.

We still have some availability over the Christmas school holiday season - before Christmas,  during Christmas and New Year and January period.
Head to the Camper Hire web page on the home bar above if you would like to find out more or lodge and enquiry.

cool  ***** One only Semi Offroad Camper Trailer available from Christmas Eve (or earlier) to 3pm Friday 30th December - min 7 day hire - $495-00
Contact us if you want to getaway in it


Want to hire a camper trailer, buy a camper trailer or enquire about our great BBQ Trailers....go ahead, we have all the info you require and you can contact us for more via the website.

Camping in comfort. 
We can help you with comfortable camping experiences whether you wish to hire, try before you buy, buy, and want a more special "Glamping" experience.  

We can offer suggestions of places to go and....we have lots of information to share for use, inclusions and options of all our camper trailers.

Cooking in style outdoors.
Want to know more about our well optioned BBQ and or BBQ Cold Room Pantech Trailers, we also have loads to share. 

We are a Genuine Quality Australian Made Manufacturer....and we have been in business since 1998.   
If you are looking for trailers that will last, you have come to the right place.  Our Camper Trailers, Trailers  and BBQ trailers are  all Australian, built to handle Australian conditions, built to work in varied outdoor destinations and all designed and built here in the Redlands, south east Queensland, not far from Brisbane.

We are proud members of the Australian Manufactured Camper Trailer Guild.   All members of this guild have been audited  by engineers and have to prove we use 95% Australian Products. 

We encourage you to find out more and check out this website and find out which companies really are "Australian" and not Chinese made and assembled in Australia   -   
Warning:  If you are comparing and thinking of purchasing the cheaper and Chinese Camper Trailers suggestion....
                 check out this website first, then decide if you would trust your family and your valued holidays with one!   

To find out all you need to know.....Just click on the options on our home bar above to find out more. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Seasons greetings to you this time of year!   

Festive Cheers,

Chris and Linda
Team Bayside - Owner/Operators


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