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So, you are ready to give comfortable camping a go? The benefits of a well set up camper trailer mean that you can go on that camping adventure at the drop of a hat....or great weekend weather ahead. 

We cater for those who have never tried camping at all, to those who have tented and are now ready for something that makes camping holidays easier and more comfortable. 

Camper Trailers allow you to leave your camping gear stored in the trailer and be ready to up and go when the urge to getaway pops up.  Just add yourselves, your clothes and food .....and off you go for that night, weekend or whatever it takes.  They can easily be stored in any garage or carport.

Bayside Camper Trailers are audited members of the Australian Camper Trailer Guild, so you know you are buying a quality product. We custom build quality genuinely Australian Onroad, Semi Offroad and Full Offroad - Soft Floor, Side Fold Camper Trailers;the specialised Silver Gypsy Camper Trailer/Van and now our own special Walk Through Camper Trailer....different from all the rest!

We can offer many great innovative options and we can add custom made racks for your other toys you might like to take camping...like kyaks, push bikes, tinnie, or motorbikes.  Fridge Slides, roller drawers, swing out kitchens or roll out kitchens, roll out pantries, our own walkthrough style camper trailer and more...

We can option a camper trailer to whatever you require or budget permits.... the trailer, the canvas, the size and quality remains the same from our standard to a top model....it just depends what options you require!  

Being Australian Made, our campers are built to last and will not let you down like the cheaper chinese camper trailers popping up everywhere. 

All campers come with Two Year Warranty.....not five years with heaps of exclusions!

Our Australian Dynaproof Canvas comes with Five year factory warranty from its Australian Manufacturer - Waxconverters, Sydney

Camper Tent Sizes Available:-                        7 foot & 9 foot with three bow system set up
                                                                          10 foot (standard) and 12 foot - with four bow system set up

Other info - Bayside Camper Trailers were the first to bring out the following options to the Camper Trailer market.

  • Extra room for the kids - The Kid's Room - a room large enough to sleep upto five children and fits on a standard caravan park site.  It is a room that extends via a doorway off the main tent towards the draw bar.  It has large windows with both internal and external window covers and makes a handy area just for kids and gives families privacy and peace of mind too.

  • Awning out the Back ....just like the veranda out the back.  It gives extra shelter.... for setting up your shower/ensuite tent, hanging the washing, shelter for the tent for the extras, extra covered area for your faithful furry friends who love to go camping with you or .... just for somewhere else to relax in the shade.  We designed it and we built it first....truly recommend it and for just a few extra dollars... well worth it for your any camping venture!

  • Battery Powered Lighting plus "His and Her's" Bedside Lighting - great for those who love to read at night in bed, for those who need to tend to young children or babies during the night or for those who need to go for loo breaks in the night.  Good soft lighting. LED lighting also available

  • Pressure Pump Water via Shower/Tap fitting - no more hand pumping.  Good Gas Hot Water systems available.  Wash up in the sink, wash hair, shower....all handy

  • 12 V Battery Power Pack - it will keep your campsite lit up and pressure pump water running for approximately two weeks before needing a recharge.  No need to hear generators churning away.  Great lighting, great presssure, great option! 

  • Anderson Plug.... recharge your camper battery system via your vehicle while travelling or by solar panel making it possible for you to be "On and Off" the road for as long as you like.

  • East/West Bed Position - this is "our" innovative and popular idea for those who don't like to climb over each other to get out of bed.  No need for the extra length, weight, or extra effort involved with a walk through style Camper that everyone else is doing.  With our set up, the mattress travels in the standard North/South position but with this easy extension added, you can easily adjust the bed position to the opposite direction, giving space on each side of the bed, a ladder placed on each side and no need to climb over you partner to get out of bed.  This option is standard in all our soft floor model camper trailers. 

  • Our own Walk Through Style Soft Floor Camper Trailer.....but still in the standard 7' x 4' size trailer.  Sets up easily, no ladders and not extra canvas to handle with set up and pull down! :)   More information and photos coming soon.

We can also add Drawers, Slides, and Racks for your other "toys"!

  • Boat Racks - Detachable

  • Bicycle Racks - Rear Towbar Mount or Front Mounted

  • Motor  Bike Racks - Front Mounted - Drawbar 2.1mtr x 5mm Thick Steel

  • Fridge Slider

  • Internal Roller Storage Draw 40cm x 40cm x 1mtr with two compartments

  • Solar Panels

  • See our Features Page for more Quality Options


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