Quality Options available for all Camper Trailer Models



 Fully Enclosed canvas Annex Walls (12oz) with Bonus Shade Cloth Floor

  •  Inc three Large Screen & Canvas Windows, Door, and Wind Break (Suit 10ft)
  • Now with Internal or External window covers       
 You choose or mix them up ie. end walls with external covers/front wall with internal and still roll away when not needed
 Fully Enclosed Canvas Annex Walls, Door & Wind Break (Suit 12ft) - * Same as above
  (Note:- you can buy now or pay for the Zips/Velcro to go in now and add walls at a later date)
 Kitchen End Wall with Window  
 Kitchen Alcove Wall  
 Exchange Rear Window for Doorway & Fly Roof (approx 2mtr x 2mtr)  
 Exchange Rear Window for Doorway & Rear Awning  (approx 2mtr x 3mtr)  
 Our standard tent size is a 10ft room size - fits all caravan park sites, has central door Extend Camper from 10ft Room to 12ft Room  
 Tent room sizes can be made to suit 7ft and 9ft rooms with a 3 bow system or extend to our larger 12ft room size with four bows  
 Australian Made Quality Canvas - Dynaproof Canvas - Colour Selection  
 Roof -   15oz  - Colours - Beige or Light Grey  
 Walls - 12oz  - Colours - our popular standard colours are Light Grey, Grey, Sand  
 Vinyl Flooring - Heavy Duty Vinyl Floor supplied in Light Grey Colour  
 Kids Room / Extra Room Approx 3mtr x 2mtr (canvas wall / vinyl floor)
 Inc Two Large Windows with both Internal & External flaps for weather protection
 Weather proof  Rear Door & Awning (At draw bar end of trailer)  
 Tropical Roof (Second roof over main tent for cooling and ventilation)  

 Trailer Finishes

 Powdered Coat Finish - Standard  
 Hot Dipped Galvanized - Optional Extra  


 Standard- Steel Powder Coated, Lockable  Kitchen Box that swings out on the tailgate.  Easy access for those long trips.  Includes lockable storage area, Smev Sink and pump up water tap, large fold down bench and slide out extra shelf.  Removable Two Burner Gas Stove can be added   
Deluxe - Steel Powder Coated. Lockable, Kitchen Box that swings out on the tailgate.  Includes upgrade of *  Glass Top Smev Two Burner Stove  *Pressure Pump Water with shower tap fitted that includes 6ft of hose to use as a cold water shower *  Fire extinguisher    *  
Roll Out Kitchen Slide - Add this to either model of kitchen.  $800-00  
Coleman 2 burner Stove  
SMEV 2 burner stove  
Fridge slides - Slide out or Slide and Swing available  

 Other Optional Extras

 Water Tank Heavy Duty 9mm Plastic - Approx 80lt Capacity - New fully enclosed water filler with external pump tap  
 Steel & Vinyl Stone Guard with Mud Flaps  
 Extra spare wheel and carrier. Front mounted  
 Built in Lockable Toolbox/Generator Box - 400mm x 300mm  
 Upgrade to 17" Tyres & Rims  
 Electric Drum Trailer Brakes & Handbrake  
 Off-road Hitch  
LED Tail Lights  
LED General Lighting  
Solar Panels  
Gas Hot Water Systems  
 Bike Rack - Rear Towbar Mount or Front Mounted  
 Internal Roller Storage Draw 40cm x 40cm x 1mtr with two compartments  
 Boat Racks - Detachable  
 Battery Box - 12v 100amp Heavy Duty Battery with two 12v Plug Fit  
 Deluxe Battery Box - 12v 100amp Heavy Duty Battery, Meter & Anderson Plug  
Lockable Steel Battery Box  
 12v Fluro Light & Fittings (draw one amp & equal lighting to a 75watt bulb)  
 Upgrade to: Innerspring Mattress 1500mm Queen Size - extra  
 "His & Hers" 12v Reading Bed Lights  
 Motor  Bike Racks - Front Mounted - Drawbar 2.1mtr x 5mm Thick Steel  
 3mtr x 5mtr Shade Cloth for Annex Floor (Edged & Eyeleted)
       (NB.  Free Shade Cloth supplied with all orders for Full Annex Walls)
 Conversion to East/West Bed. Includes two Removable Ladders - Now a Standard Option on all our models  
 NEW OPTION - Walkthrough Bed, with or without 4 under-bed drawers for easy access storage  

Prices current 1st April, 2015 - subject to change without notice.