Custom Built Off Road Trailers

Made to Order - Fitted out 4WD Trailers -  you can easily add on a Camper Top at a later date... Now with larger front mounted tool box, Alco drop down legs than displayed.

                 * Genuine Australian Made

                 * Quality Powder Coated Finish or Galvanised

                 * Fully Welded with checker plate inserts, guards and flooring

                 * Long, strong drawbars for ease of towing and reversing

                 * High 500mm sides - fits eskies and fridges

                 *  Same size tyres and rims to suit your tow vehicle and always comes with the spare tyre

                 * 7' x 4' is the standard but we can build  7' x 5' and more



Revamp your Old Trailer

We can also complete or upgrade your existing trailer - Below are the Before & After Photo's of one trailer we revamped:  "Rusty became Galvi"


Before & After