Terms and Conditions

Contract of Hire – responsibilities of hirer

1. The hirer agrees to the details as described in this agreement to hire and becomes responsible for the costs as listed Deposit, Bond and full amount of hire which is due and payable before commencement of hire.

2. The Bond:

  • There is a refundable bond of $500 payable before each hire which covers insurance excess, damage (other than normal wear and tear), and extra cleaning costs.
  • Destinations that involve long distances and/or off-road travel will incur a higher bond.
  • The Bond is refundable within 7 working days from the return of a cleaned, tidy and undamaged camper trailer. Camper trailer should be returned to us clear of mud, dust and sand and all supplied equipment cleaned and repacked.
  • A cleaning fee and any repairs that may apply will be deducted from the Bond should the camper trailer require extra cleaning or repairs. Cleaning fee is charged at $55 per hour.

3. BOOKINGS are NOT considered confirmed until deposit has been received and in the case of cheques or money orders, amounts tendered have been cleared by the respective bank, credit union, society or postal authority.

4. Deposits and Cancellations:

  • A deposit of $100 is required to confirm bookings (non-refundable however can be re-used for up to 6 months if plans change)
  • 30 days notice required for long weekend and school holiday cancellations
  • The deposit should be forwarded within 48 hours of booking or camper will not be confirmed and your booking could be lost

5. Return of the camper trailer, ancillary equipment and accessories are to be in a clean condition and good order. Camper should be washed and clean of dust, mud and sand. If the camper trailer is returned excessively dirty or heavily soiled canvas and requires extra cleaning, then a cleaning fee will apply. Minimum cleaning fee is $50.

6. The cost of punctures throughout the period of hire becomes the responsibility of the hirer. Normal repair fee will be charged should the unit be returned with a puncture.

7. The cost of replacement tyres, should they be required due to shredding or blowout throughout the period of hire, are the responsibility of the Hirer.

8. INSURANCE – An excess of $2,500 for drivers under 25 years of age. 25 years old and over excess $500 or as otherwise stated on contract is applicable to all hires. Where damage resulting from an accident (either multiple or single vehicle) or theft occurs during the period of hire, whether insurance is listed as a separate item or included within the standard rates. Where damage to the camper trailer is of a value up to or less than the nominated bond of $500 or more, the hirer is responsible for payment of repairs. However, should a third party be responsible for damages caused to the camper trailer whether by collision, accidental or malicious act and the claim can be proved against this party, and Bayside Camper Trailer Hire is then paid for the damages resulting to the camper, these monies will be refunded to the hirer up to the $500 or nominated bond excess applied, less any legal costs involved. The deposit / bond monies already paid can be applied to the above clause, however, should the damage be of a greater value than the deposit / bond paid, Bayside Camper Trailer Hire has the right to collect from the hirer the balance of payment up to the nominated bond excess. Should any collection costs be incurred for this amount then the hirer becomes responsible for payment of these being over and above what is owed to Bayside Camper Trailer Hire from the preceding clauses.

  • In the event of theft, Bayside Camper Trailer Hire is under no obligation to provide a replacement unit
  • In the event of accidental damage to the camper trailer and the hirer elects to leave the unit “in situ” and not return the camper trailer to the place of hire or repair where the hirer could have reasonably done so, then clauses 11 and 12 will apply. If the hirer can show proof that the camper trailer is covered by the hirer’s current motor vehicle policy for the period of hire, then the above can be waivered.

INSURANCE EXCESS RIDER – Payment of this amount releases the hirer’s responsibility to Bayside Camper Trailer Hire for payment for the $500 or nominated excess or part thereof in the event of accidental damage (whilst either stationary or in motion) and theft, but does not waive the hirer’s responsibility in relation to any or all of the conditions described in this contract.

9. Cost of repair of any wilful, negligent or malicious damage occurring during the period of the hire will be deducted from the deposit / bond monies. The hirer also agrees to pay Bayside Camper Trailer Hire any costs of such damage which are in excess of the deposit / bond monies already paid plus costs of any fees incurred by way of process to recover these monies. Cost of repair to canvas not considered as fair wear and tear is to also apply under this clause.

10. Return of all extras and accessories, if missing or returned damaged will be replaced by the hirer at cost of same.

11. Bayside Camper Trailer Hire will suffer no claim from the hirer for re-imbursement for accommodation, fees, loss of deposits or any extra and sundry costs involved due to the failure of one of our camper trailers, either through accidental damage, mechanical breakdown or such similar event during the period of hire.

12. Bayside Camper Trailer Hire will suffer no claim from the hirer for the cost of retrieval incurred through non-return of camper trailer to place of hire by the due date, unless other arrangements have been made.

13. Late returns will be charged at the normal daily rate separate and above any retrieval costs incurred as described in item 12 above N.B. If late return is due to the failure of the camper trailer en-route, costs listed under this condition may be waived, provided Bayside Camper Trailer Hire is notified immediately and proof of such failure is provided.

14. Bayside Camper Trailer Hire will suffer no claim from the hirer for re-imbursement or compensation relating to the use of power accessories whether this is due to misuse or abusive treatment or non-performance of the accessories whilst on hire.

15. Cleaning responsibilities: When packing up to come home, or when at home, before returning the camper:

  • zip up all window and door flaps
  • leave main door flaps open (unzipped)
  • sweep off/vacuum bed base
  • sweep main tent floor (mop if muddy or excessively dirty)
  • spot clean canvas by wiping over with a wet cloth (no chemicals); hose down if excessively dirty
  • pack up camper tent as per instruction card, ensuring 4 tent poles are returned to the bed base beside the mattress (front door zippers remain open)
  • sweep/wash out inside of main trailer body
  • wipe over kitchen surfaces
  • wipe over cooker i.e. remove grease and debris
  • ensure all accessories are clean, folded and packed neatly (knots in ropes should be removed)
  • please ensure awning roof is re-attached to the main tent if you have removed it
  • hose down/wash exterior of trailer i.e. remove dust, mud and sand
  • please report any damage to management
  • please do not carry out any repairs to camper or accessories without contacting management first


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